BOB enriches community and business connections by providing opportunities for like-minded business people to connect with and support each other, the local economy and community.

Our vision is to develop long-term business relationships providing opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through business and career growth.

Our Mission: We are committed to empowering each member to achieve success on their own terms. We strive to provide opportunities for members to connect with and support each other and the local community. Each member contributes to the personal and professional development of our fellow members, meeting their needs at the right time in the right way.

Our Values:

  • We recognize and promote one another.
  • We pursue growth and learning.
  • We take risks.
  • We support the local community.
  • We help and support out member businesses.

We have members all over The Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and Torquay.

We meet at the SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre, 7:45am–8:45am every Tuesday. Prospective members are welcome.

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